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We don't believe in affiliated websites or customers filling out a form and get inundated with Emails.

We don't believe in affiliated websites or customers filling out a form and get inundated with Emails. We believe the best way to book any entertainment is that you need to communicate with the entertainers and supplier yourself by Phone. Make sure you can connect with them and make sure that they understand exactly what you are looking for.

So it's time to bark yourself. And yell your services together with us

  • Band Hire

    Live Bands for Hire

    Face it you’ve probably never hired a band in your life…and chances are you never will again after the wedding. So what makes a good wedding band?

    Bands for Hire

    tips for booking a band for a wedding or party or event.

    A good tip when booking any band is to hear them first. Most bands should have a Video demo on their websites. also you should communicate with the band your looking to hire to make sure they're playing the music that you want and the genre is within your remit of your party. Ask the band about breaks. Mostly all bands have a period of rest during your event. So you might consider needing to play music during their break. This can be achieved by hiring a DJ or asking the band to play music from your phone or sometimes the band will have a playlist which they leave running during their rest.

  • Category not listed

    Category not listed. In this section we will create new categories even when a new category of your entertainment is required. So this category will act as a holding pen until we create a new category [AdSense-C]
  • CB Radio groups in the uk

    Cb radio local groups
  • Children Entertainer

    Children Entertainer

    Children entertainers. Entertainers should have public liability insurance and an enhanced CRB. All you need to do is decide what kind of entertainment you are looking for. It would start by working out what your child enjoys. very important you should always make sure that you have references for any child entertainment company. Don't be afraid to ask them to see there CRB and the Entertainers  public liability insurance.

    Children Entertainer

    Please make sure that there are enough parents around any child's party. This will prevent anyone being put in a awkward position.

    childrens party entertainers prices children's entertainers for birthday parties childrens entertainer east london childrens party entertainers surrey kids birthday entertainment children's party entertainers nottingham
  • Disco Hire

    Disco Hire How to book a DJ

    Disco Hire So when booking a DJ there's questions you need to ask. Obviously the first one that comes up is what price of the Disco Hire . But you need to remember that sometimes you get what you pay for. After you have asked for the cost ask the DJ you are considering to hire for a photo of what he will be bringing. Also give them a call don't try to book Things by email. You will generally get an idea what the person is like over the phone. Another question to ask will you take requests on the night? . Will you play the music we want to hear? A good DJ always reads the crowd. A good wedding DJ would always announce the first dance and any other announcements that you wished the DJ to announce. There is no harm in asking the DJ he's age. A good DJ does not necessarily like the music he is playing. His job is to entertain your guests not entertain himself.

    Do you have your engagement party to plan or wedding? Perhaps you face the challenge of organising a big corporate disco event? No matter what type of party you are hosting, there is no denying that there is a lot to plan and sort out. Luckily, this is where unique entertainment can assist.

    Discos For Hire

    Below is a list of DJ companies that cover The UK like London, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Kent.

    So be sure to click on the listing and have a phone conversation with them.

    Make sure you are confident in their ability to undertake your event to your specifications

    Disco Hire Berkshire, Disco Hire Buckinghamshire, Disco Hire East Sussex, Disco Hire Hampshire, Disco Hire the Isle of Wight, Disco Hire Kent, Disco Hire Surrey and West Sussex. local mobile discos all the Uk for all your Disco needs

  • Event AV Hire

    Event AV Hire

    Av equipment hire is the major part of some events. If you are screening a promotional video then you need to make sure the screen is the right size. Also prices will vary on the quality of equipment and quality of the av technician on the day. Some audio visual hire companies Only stock high quality audio equipment. And some companies will start low branded equipment. But most companies will stock different brands of av equipment to suit your budget.

    AV Hire

    Below is a list of audio visual companies in the UK Surrey and Hampshire and parts of Dorset.  Feel free to contact them directly using their contact page on their listing. Remember don't be afraid to ask what they will be bringing in relationship to Brands of equipment. Make sure when you get a quote. The company will list the exact equipment they will be supplying.  Also make sure they will set it all up for you.

    Event AV Hire

    Because sometimes some equipment can be very complicated. In fact if you look at a manual for a typical radio mic some of them have 29 pages on how to operate it. So in some cases it may be best to hire an av technician for the event. Below is a list of AV companies that cover London Surrey Hampshire Dorset Berkshire Kent all the uk

    So be sure to click on the listing and have a phone conversation with them.

    Make sure you are confident in their ability to undertake your event to your specifications

    AV Hire London | AV hire Surrey | Av Hire Hampshire

    Audio Visual Equipment, AV Equipment, Projector Hire, Projector Screen,
  • Event Catering

    Event Catering Hire

    Sometimes venues donot have their own catering staff. So there is some important factors when picking the right catering company for your event. Obviously the first one is the menu decision. the second one is the quality of the catering company. Always make sure you get references from the catering company look at Google reviews. If you pick the wrong catering company then the event can go badly wrong. If the food does not come out on time then everything else runs late  wedding  speechs . Disco starts late. most catering companies for offer you a taster of what they can offer. Sometimes a simple menu is just enough. Also most catering companies supply staff to serve the food always make sure you've got enough staff to handle the quick turnaround. when planning a wedding always make sure you leave a little bit more time for dinner service. a very tight schedule can lead to disaster so be aware of this when planning your event or wedding

  • Fireworks

    Fireworks for Events

    Fireworks are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. The most common use of a firework is as part of a fireworks display a display of the effects produced by firework at Events

  • Florist

  • Fun Food

    Fun Foods for events like Popcorn and Candyfloss weddings and events Candy floss machine hire.  Our commercial grade candy floss machine hire adds that carnival feel to any occasion. . Popcorn carts and candy floss machines for hire – Weddings and Special events.

    Party Food Hire.

     The first question that is asked when people look to book a candyfloss and popcorn machine is the price. Normally the cheapest price is for someone to drop off the candy floss machine and popcorn machine and you operate it yourself. I am not quite sure how this will stand legally if a member of your party gets burnt by the machine.

    Ok, you may say I will look after it and stay with it but it is very easy to get distracted, especially at a kid's party if a kid needs to use the lavatory and asks you to take them.  This will leave the machines unattended. Also the cheapest popcorn and candy floss machine hire is not always the best. There is a lot of involvement in running a candyfloss and popcorn company. I have seen over the years companies that turn up with candy floss machines and popcorn machines that are dirty.

    There are many companies on the internet that offer popcorn delivery already popped and popcorn warmers. This may be suitable for some events though normally the popcorn is a couple of days old and does not fill the room with the aroma.

    Below is a list of fun food companies that offer different types of party foods please contact them directly using their contact details on their listing

  • Hire Event Crew

    Hire Event Crew

    Perfect for concerts, festivals, carnivals, balls, parties and more unique entertainment is one of the UK’s leading event organizers, specializing in Event Management,

    Temporary Event Staff

    We provide temporary staff nationwide for events, promotions, hospitality, conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies We provide temporary staff nationwide for events, promotions, hospitality, conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies and charity dinners. Our staff are professional, hard working, well presented,

  • Karaoke


    Karaoke Hire form of entertainment, originally from Japan, in which recordings of the music but not the words of popular songs are played, so that people can sing the words themselves

    karaoke Hire Surrey, karaoke Hire London, karaoke Hire Hampshire.

    At the right place, at the right time, karaoke can be a totally forgivable, enjoyable and hilarious night out. To do this properly you're probably going to have to add

  • Magicians

    Magicians Magicians for weddings and events are available to hire. Clients wishing to book a corporate magician for an event. The easy way to book a great close-up magician and mind reader
  • Marquee Hire

    Marquees provide the perfect setting for a weddings, corporate #events, partys, awards bash, celebratory event. Whether it's a sales promotion, product launch, seminar, exhibition, client hospitality. Marquee Hire offers one of the largest selection of quality marquees in Sussex, Surrey, London

    Marquees Hire

  • Mobile Bar Hire

    Mobile Bar

    mobile bar hire. Available for Weddings, Parties & Corporate events across uk Mobile Bar Services UK. Fully Licensed offering Draught Beers, Selection of Wines and Spirits and Soft Drinks, all served chilled

    List of local provide a full range of Mobile Bars hire and Bar Staff and Bar Equipment in uk and Hampshire for private functions and weddings. Ranging from corporate bars, private party bars and beer tents, we offer complete bar hire packages. We specialise in providing you with the total mobile bar solution. We have the experience and expertise to know exactly what amounts of Alcohol you may require, how many Staff you will need and which Bar will most suit your Wedding or function. We aim to ensure your mobile event bar has the same facilities as a static bar. So all mobile bar options have the same level of service and equipment including

  • Outside Inflatables

    Outside Inflatables

    They can help you achieve exactly what you need. When you’re looking for jumping castle hire

    No party or event is complete without entertainment. If you want a form of entertainment that never fails, why not hire a Inflatables? Or, if you have the task of keeping a wealth of little ones happy, you should definitely consider the option of renting bouncy castles. This is a sure-fire way to achieve birthday party success.

    Renting Bouncy Castles

    Over the past couple of years bouncy castles have been in the news. this is because of some tragic accidents that have happened. Advice when booking any bouncy castle company is to hire someone from the company to stay and attend the bouncy castle. When booking any bouncy castle hire company it is important to make sure that the health and safety and the safety of the children and sometimes the adults is a high priority. No bouncy castle should be left at ended at any point. Bouncy castle problems have been where people take power from the same circuit as the bouncy castle  needed to use a kettle or other electrical device which course is the mains to cut out and the bouncy castle to deflate. Our advice booking any bouncy castle is to make sure that you have people to make sure it is safely used.

  • Party Equipment Hire

    Party Equipment Hire

    Below is a list of companies you can contact directly that offer party equipment to hire. From disco equipment lighting marquees screens and stage hire for any venue across London Surrey Hampshire Dorset Somerset Berkshire

    Party Equipment Hire

    There is a long list of equipment that is required for a party especially big parties for example if you're having a big party at your house and having a lot of people you may need to consider extra toilet facilities for hire. or maybe you have booked a venue that does not have a sound system so you will need to hire a good PA system for your event. Or the venue you have hired a bit plan and you need to hire some lighting just to set the atmosphere. Also this category can consist of people the offer chair covers for hire. Some venues have chairs but I'm not the most glamorous looking for a wedding or a party

  • Party ideas for kids

    party ideas for kids

    The list below is companies that offer different kind of children entertainment ideas something different. Companies such as clowns discos neon parties. Also companies offering mobile cinema for kids parties. It all starts by asking the children what they like and I am sure you will be able to find some entertainment company that can offer a service that fits in with what your children are looking for.

    party ideas for kids

    Entertainers there are so many people offering children entertainment. please make sure you connect directly to the entertainment so he or she will understand what exactly you are looking for. Do not be afraid to ask any questions make sure the entertainer has public liability insurance and a CRB if working around children.

    Balloons, Bands & Tributes, Bouncy Castles, Cakes, Caricaturists, Caterers, Chair Covers, Children’s Entertainers, Chocolate Fountains & Sweets, DJ’s, Disco’s, Fancy Dress, Fireworks, Florist, Fun Casino, Hair & Beauty, Jewellers, Magicians, Marquees, Menswear, Mobile Bar, Mobile Creche, Photo Booth, Photographers, Security, Stationary, Toastmasters, Transport, Venues, Videographer, Wedding Coordinators, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Favours
  • Party Planners

    We Have event experts in the creative as well as the technical and logistical implementation of events. Party Planners understand your brand and budget as well as identify the audience of each event, whether it is a personal special event, product launch, fashion parade, trade show, corporate hospitality cocktails or a sit-down gala dinner and awards ceremony.

    Party Planners

    If you are seeking professional and experienced event management team or Party Planners in devising event concepts with individually tailored design elements that fully incorporate the most impactful aspects of event production including décor, lighting, themeing, styling, sound and vision, entertainment and catering.

    Party Planners

  • Party Shops

    Party supplies and physical shops in Surrey Hampshire and the UK

    Below is a list of local party shops for fancy dress items and party accessories. We think it is amazing that these shops are still open and trading. it gives the party goer a good opportunity to go into the party  shop and try on different items which is not possible when ordering online.

  • Party Sound Hire

    Unique Entertainment also provides a list company's offering Party Sound Hire if DJs are not required. A sound system can be hired depending on your specification. A Party Sound Hire can be arrange delivery, setup and collection on large systems. Smaller systems can be collected from UK outlets if preferred.

    Party Sound Hire

    We have a wide range of PA sound Hire Disco lighting equipment available for Hire in Surrey and Hampshire for corporate or private events. For birthday parties, weddings. We offer our customers the very best in PA Hire and Disco Hire services. We will deliver the PA sound system we hire you and set it up for you at no extra cost. From small sound system with Microphones to large scale conferencing or Band speaker hires. We can also provide a range of Microphones for hire to suit including handheld and lapel microphones and full projector and screen facilities. We also hire a range of LED and Disco lighting packages which are perfect for your party & disco. We have PA sound systems to plug in an iPod or any device with headphone jack. This is perfect for your smaller parties, discos or weddings to play background music throughout your wedding breakfast. We will travel all over Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset

    From corporate events, gala dinners, parties, large scale product launches or discreet boardroom meetings, We offers production solutions for audio visual hire, staging, creative lighting, or set design on any scale to arrive at a successful result. Throughout your event, from concept to completion, We takes pride in providing expert and reliable assistance to ensure your vision is recognised, successfully and professionally

    supply Deejays, Sound Systems, Lighting Systems, Projector Hire, Laser Shows, Mood Lighting, Sound Engineers and Lighting Engineers for any event, from Weddings to Fashion Shows (Corporate or Domestic) The business provides sound and lighting equipment to hire for parties and small to medium sized events

  • Photo Booth Hire

    booths are ideal for weddings. Photo Booth Hire companys excellent variety of strip frameworks to your photostrips. These are great for your own guests ie bomboniere, wedding favors. some  Photo Booth Hire companys can also customise the photograph strips to comprise image or a design of the happy wedding couple including their names.

    Photo Booth Hire

    photo booths will also be perfect for corporate hires; we can customize the background and foundation of the photograph to comprise a layout or logo of your choice. Our photo booths can be completely branded for the smart minded corporate who desires a professional try to find their trade stand or corporate occasion.


  • Photographers

    Photographers Hire

    A professional Photographers Hire to cover a particular planned event such as a wedding or event

    Photography hire is a core service for many events. Most of us want to capture our event with great photos, whether it is for a corporate event, wedding, private party or major public event.  You company’s events are a big deal. A lot of planning has gone into ensuring your awards night, gala dinner, annual ball, charity fundraiser or conference goes off with out a hitch. It is critical to capture the event and ensure the photos tell a story, long after the event is over.

  • Places To Visit

    Places To Visit new places to visit with your family [AdSense-B]
  • singers

    singers for Hire singers make sure you see their promo video. This will ensure that you get exactly the singer you want at your event or wedding, act, artiste, singers, vocal, music, duo, instrument,
  • Soft play

    Soft play

  • Unclassified Listings

    Unclassified Listings
  • wedding cakes

    wedding cakes

    The wedding cake is the showpiece of any modern wedding. A gorgeous wedding cake is often the centrepiece of a wedding and it typically sits in a place of honer at the wedding reception.


    Wedding cakes have been part of the marriage ceremony ever since medieval times. Originally they were made of wheat which was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. ... During the ceremony the groom would eat part of a loaf of this barley bread and then he would break the rest over his bride's head.

    wedding cakes makers near me Today we cannot imagine the celebration of any wedding anniversary without a beautiful cake

  • Wedding Car Hire


    Luxury, Wedding Car Hire & Chauffeur Cars. our number one choice in reliable and luxurious chauffeur services for any special event that extra touch. If you are looking for the best Wedding car hire Surrey Hampshire Barkshire

  • Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Dresses
  • Wedding Stationery

    Wedding Stationery

    range of beautifully crafted invitations to suit every budget and taste

    Great range of designs. wedding stationery online

  • wedding Venues

    Wedding Venues Hire

    The Venues Hire you choose is the one thing that should not be left to chance on your Wedding day. When you hire any Venues, for your Wedding, you must have the utmost confidence that you have made the right choice. sets the mood, makes traditions come alive, Wedding Venues  has the most direct effect on the outcome of your special day. dont leaves nothing to chance.

    Wedding Venues Hire

    Advice booking a wedding venue.

     booking any kind of venue it will depend on what you are looking to spend. And what level of service you need. The most basics of venues like social clubs where you would hire the hall and you would need to decorate yourself. Also are venues that do absolutely everything. But you still need to make sure the venue you are hiring will work with you and acknowledge your vision. Always make sure that you have read any Google reviews on the venues performance in the past. Most wedding venues have a wedding planner in place. My good tip is to make sure the wedding planner at the wedding venue will be attending as well. Most popular and big wedding venues will offer you a meetings  and some venues will offer you food tasting and wine tasting day. Which I think is important. always go and have a look around the venue just in case you need to add some little bit of extra things like chair covers. Extra tables, disco , sound hire,

    Wedding Venues Hire in the UK for partys and wedding events. booking a Wedding Venues Hire in Surrey, Hampshire, Kent please see a list or add you Wedding Venues Hire to the system


    List of zello groups

      List of all zello chat group.

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