Wedding music get a DJ. or hire some speakers playing my own Music

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looking through some websites you’ll find out that some companies offer speakers to hire for your wedding.
But is this the best option to go with ?
Here is my advice

It really depends on your audience. There are different pros and cons with music at your wedding.

First of all if you were to hire the speakers and do-it-yourself they call this a DIY disco.
This is a cheap and easy way to play music at your wedding but it does have some downfalls and advantages the first major advantage of hiring a set of speakers is the price. Obviously not hiring a and hiring a set of speakers instead is cheaper. But there is a downside. 1 downside is everyone thinks their music is better. So if you have an iPod attached to a set of speakers or a phone and you are playing your own music it is more than likely that a member of your wedding party will connect their phone and start playing their own music. I have seen this many times. Which can end up in conflict and arguments with yourself and darfur guests who don’t appreciate it

Booking a

When booking a always look on their website to see what kind of setup they offer ! do you like the disco lights is it over the top or not? If you’re getting quotes for a disco hire. its better for you to be able to talk to them yourself over the phone. By doing this you can gauge them as a person. It doesn’t hurt to ask them about themselves how long have they been a DJ ? How old is the DJ ? . You might say why would I ask the he’s or her age. Well DJing is a lot easier than it used to which has caused an influx of younger DJs and part-time DJs and people who think they are DJs. Or a non experienced DJ will just play what they want to hear. You need to find a DJ that will entertain your friends and family not themselves. so picking up the phone and talking to your DJ and asking them questions will give you a judgement if they are right for your wedding.

Please click on links below to find a sound system to hire for your wedding or a DJ. Remember don’t forget to ask the questions!

disco hire

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