Wedding entertainment

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Wedding entertainment


Weddings can be a complex affair. So hopefully on our entertainment website you will be able to find the entertainment you require. Please contact people directly. Make sure you give them a good understanding what you’re looking for. We have a list of services that would enhance your wedding from disco hire popcorn and candy floss. Photo booths and much more.


We believe that customers should work directly with suppliers. We don’t believe in fill out a form and get inundated with enquiries. We believe to book any entertainment you need to communicate with the entertainment company and supplier yourself. For example if you’re looking to book a DJ then a phone conversation is important it gives you an idea over the phone if you connect and get on with the DJ You with that person

Also it does not hurt to ask the DJ questions.

The more questions you ask them the more of a better idea you get if they’re the right disco and DJ company for you.

As I said in another post don’t be afraid to ask the DJs age.

Because it is very unlikely that a DJ at the age of 21 will know many of the 80s music tracks.

The problem with the current climate it has made it very easy for people to start being a DJ.

So before you phone the DJ have a list of questions you wish to answer. Think about it for a while.

Ask him about all his insurances.

And asked for a copy of his public liability insurance and pro licence.

If he is hesitant then I think you know the answer of his quality

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