The best way to promote your entertainment company

February 17, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

The best way to promote your entertainment company. 
There is a load of affiliated programs out there. I have been in the entertainment business for a very long time and unfortunately I wear the hat to say that I’ve been there done that.

The best way to advertise a entertainment company

 Obviously sometimes it is about getting yourself out there in the real world meaning visit venues drop flyers business cards and so on. Entertainment marketing There’s loads of videos on YouTube on how to set up SEO for your website. Which over the years I have learnt and I’m pretty well at. ( I’m not sellingt you anything ).
My personal view I didn’t find the affiliated programs and websites like colour pages bark like a dog etc. any good it attracts the wrong kind of clientele. What does work for me is Google ads. for me it is about timing when you run a campaign at the right time. You need to do your research and have some kind of pattern. Generally January February in the entertainment industry is non-existent. By setting up a Google adds acount you are able to see what people are spending per click. and certain times of the year it is not worth doing. you will end up spending more money than the Google ads will generate. So just be mindful on how you do this.

So the long and short of it if you use Google AdWords correctly then you will gain out of it. Rather than signing up to affiliate marketing websites that use your content to promote themselves

So the above opinion is my personal experience in finding work in the entertainment industry. It’s not set in stone and everyone finds their own way.

And quite frankly if you’ve got talent then people will find you! Talented entertainers will get a job and from that job it will carry on with friends and family of your original client. If a client find you amazing at your job they are one of the best forms of advertising as well as Google adverts

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