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Is it safe to hire a inflatable castle for my event ?

A very good question. Is it safe to hire a bouncy castle for our event. ? Hear is our opinion on this. most of the problems that have occurred with bouncy castles have been where the bouncy castles have been unattended. Or a volunteer has been given the task to man the bouncy castle at your event. Our opinion is that the only person that should Man the bouncy castles is the bouncy castle company. The common factor when hiring anything people always look for the cheapest quote. and not always the cheapest quote is the safest or the best !. if you just hire the bouncy castle itself you are signing to be responsible for all the health and safety during the event.

I would reconsider this. I think you need to make sure the company supplying the bouncy castle is in attendance and has staff on hand. I’m telling you volunteers will just drift off and do their own thing. I paid bouncy castle company will stay with it during its operation! Unless they need to use the toilet. Then a member of the event staff should facilitate this.

Bouncy castles at events.

When you are organising an event there is a common problem. This problem is power. All bouncy castles should be on their own power source. If it is a generator the generator should be covered so no children can interfere or hurt themselves with this. Also it should be in view of the attendant looking after the bouncy castle. If you are using power from the grid there is always a chance that someone will plugging something else on the same circuit. Most commonly a kettle a heater or a urn. At any event people will just see a power socket and just plug into it not considering what the drain is on the circuit. If there is too much power going through the circuit then it is more than likely the circuit breaker will cut out which will uninflate the bouncy castle and maybe cause injury.

So in summary it is always best to hire a bouncy castle with a qualified attendant. Don’t risk it.

A link below is to the health and safety executive giving people more information on the rules and regulations of hiring a bouncy castle please click on the link below


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