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UK Open Air Cinema company

We provide outdoor screens for any event.  We specialise in the creation of large-scale outdoor cinema events with the use of large inflatable Airscreens, projection and sound
Professional outdoor screen hire, large-screen film & video projection for parties,  festivals, school Open air cinema film screenings, promotional & corporate events.
Most of our outdoor Cinema screens are inflatable. Also all our inflatable screens we Hire are air sealed which means there is no pump running continuously. thereby not ruining silent scenes within the film. Once the screen is inflated it’s stays inflated. We believe for outdoor open spaces an inflatable screen is the only option! This is due to health and safety. because if the screen was to be metal and was to blow over serious injury could occur. Where possible use rear projected inflatable screen so all our technical equipment is positioned behind the inflatable screen. This, ensures that all equipment is away from the public and there is no trip hazards
Mobile Outdoor Cinema Hire, Open Air Cinema, Outside Cinema Hire, Pop Up Outdoor Cinema
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Outside Screen Hire Proscreens outside mobile cinema screens hire are one of a kind. We are able to offer large outdoor Projection inflatable screens for outside events and film screening, high quality visuals and outstanding sound systems depending on your needs.

UK open air cinema
Mobile outdoor screen hire which can be hired for private or public screenings just about anywhere in uk.
Imagine watching a film in the great outdoors or in a big hall projected on a big screen with cinema visual and sound quality. pop up cinema

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