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As a hire company ourselves for the past 12 years offering audio visual equipment hire. I get inundated by companies offering to find us work leads for a considerable sum of money. In the past  i have tried which i never really found successful because if you dont talk to the client directly then misunderstandings happen. For example, if someone asks me to quote for a sound system with out the relative information the customers event could become a disaster. So the idea of Unique Entertainment website is that the clients can contact you directly and on the way you as a company can connect with other companies to help each other get your name out there and eradicate unnecessary affiliated money making websites. So get involved today. Follow us on Social Media.

I hear yourself thinking what does this man get out of doing this unique entertainment website. First of all I enjoy making websites. All my websites are on the front page of Google for the keywords that I want. My businesses are doing well But what I do enjoy is meeting other people in the entertainment industry. And over the years I have met many good friends on the way. I’m not going to tell you which websites on here are mine. Because I want it to be down to the customer to choose there entertainment their company they wish to work with which is important. Because at the end of the day is their decision not mine who they pick to work with. Basically I like web design and making websites but it would not make enough money for me. I can’t bear the thought of spending my days sitting behind a computer and not meeting anyone. Doesn’t stop me from doing it as a hobby as such.

Paying for links from directories
paying for links from directories of colour pages . Do they work? Maybe or maybe not. Let me share my experience. Every week i get calls from directory services offering me top google listings and yahoo for one of my sites.  informing me that i can become top of major search engines and achieve lots and lots of traffic. This maybe so but there is something to consider. When i get a call from these directories the first thing they do is ask me to log on to their site therefore gaining a hit.

Then they ask me to search for something random like hairdressers or plumbers say for example in Ascot. In doing this their gaining a hit for the company that has paid to be on that directory and top of the listing. These people can be very persistent trying to extract £300- £500 for a listing. Also as a small business i also like others maybe look at directories to see what the opposition are doing so once again gaining more hits for their website but not necessarily looking for a service. I find the best way to gain more hits in business is to offer a good service and meet friends on the way, 
I would very much like to know other peoples opinion to this.

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TEL: 02036510945 or 07876755357


UK Entertainment  where you deal directly with entertainment companies. All listings will contain there websites and their contact details. Give them a call have a chat with them make sure you can connect with them make sure that they understand exactly what you are looking for.. No tags for this post.

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